“I want to introduce my daughter to the amazing books and pictures”

Who: Tobias (32) and his daughter River (1) from Spijkenisse
What: reading children’s books
When: every week

Tobias and River visit the Boekenberg every week. Tuesday is when Tobias has his “daddy-day” and he makes sure to plan a special reading hour for him and River. Tobias: “I want to introduce my daughter to the amazing books and pictures. That’s important to me. When we’re here, we really focus on books, the tales and pictures. We read at home as well, however, there is so much more distraction there, like the television.” The dinosaur exhibit is very popular with River. Tobias: “She loves dinosaurs. When she gets out of bed, she immediately says, “watch dino!” The word has only just been spoken and River is already running towards the exhibit room in the Milieu Huis.

Brain Training

Tobias also visits by himself. He was born and raised in Spijkenisse and recently bought a house there. He enjoys the closeness of the Boekenberg: “At home, I would watch TV or grab my phone. But here, I actually read.” And what does he read? “Oh, it’s very boring. Well, I think it’s interesting but others probably disagree. I mainly read about physiology, anatomy and training skills.” Tobias is a personal trainer and works with professional athletes on a high level. “It keeps me going for 14 hours every day.”
After looking at dinosaurs and reading books, Tobias and River take a stroll to the market for a banana. Then, it’s time to go home. “River needs to go to bed, and so does dad. Haha. Going out together is fun, but very tiring.” It’s almost like a professional sport.