“This is a great place to meet with my students”

Who: language coach Gaby (38) and her student Mercedita (48) from Spijkenisse
What: help with improving her Dutch language skills.
When: every week

We find Mercedita and Gaby reading at one of the window-side tables. Mercedita reads out loud with Gaby listening and correcting her when necessary. Gaby has only been a language coach for a short while: “I did the ‘language-coach class’ at the Boekenberg first. Now I meet my students here and help them improve their Dutch language skills.” Gaby never really visited the Boekenberg before, but now she enjoys being here, visit-ing more often and working with her students every week. The location is great, the window-side tables are her favourite and everything is well accessible with her wheel-chair.

Vocab treasury

Mercedita has been living in the Netherlands for a while and speaks the language well, however, she is not satisfied. She feels more comfortable when speaking English be-cause she thinks her Dutch vocabulary isn’t as extensive as she wants it to be. Her 18-year-old son told her to speak Dutch at home and encouraged her to apply for a language coach. Mercedita: “He told me he has trouble understanding what I’m saying. Some words are so difficult to pronounce!”

Gaby’s session with Mercedita has just finished. Mercedita gets up to leave, her book Practicing with verbs, firmly under her arm. Gaby, in the meantime, greets her next student.