“Studying here helps me concentrate more”

Who: Michelle (21) from Spijkenisse
What: studying
When: whenever necessary

Michelle can be found in a separate study room, with her headphones in, focussed on her computer screen. She lives with her boyfriend in Spijkenisse, where she grew up, and studies at the Hogeschool Rotterdam to be a registered nurse. Michelle: “I’m in my final year now and I’m finishing my minor. The reading takes up so much of my time.” Focus is very important to her. A friend told her she was working on her thesis in the Boekenberg and Michelle was instantly interested: “I had never even thought of it, but it was the solution I was looking for. I would always study at home but I became dis-tracted to quickly and would start cleaning for example. Here, I can’t.”

Utmost concentration

She really enjoys studying in the Boekenberg: she doesn’t have to take the metro to Rotterdam, but she’s still away from home and its distractions. “I hop on my bike and within ten minutes I’m here. I was here from 11.30 until 15.30 yesterday. In these rooms I can lock myself away from the outside world. Of course there will be people passing by but my headphones keep me concentrated. Time flies on these days.”

Café Zinnig is also great in her opinion. “Around lunchtime you can just go there and grab a sandwich and some juice. I didn’t even know it was here, it was a pleasant surprise.” It’s almost lunchtime for Michelle, and after that she will return to her study room. She has to, her deadline is only four days away. “I’m going to keep going until I feel I’ve done enough for today.” In her next semester, she will write her thesis. We will probably see Michelle around even more when that time arrives.