Opinions on the Boekenberg

From architecture to interior, everyone has an opinion!

What do the visitors, students and tourists think of the Boekenberg? The opinions vary immensely. Reviews on TripAdvisor praise the library for its architecture, but the residents of Spijkenisse have some complaints here and there. Do the architecture and set up of the building meet the visitors’ expectations? Continue reading to find out.

What do you think of the Boekenberg?
We’d love to hear your opinion!

John from London (spring 2014) is very impressed with the Boekenberg and thinks his visit to Spijkenisse was more than worth it. If you’ve already been in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, why not visit the Boekenberg as well!

A very modern library

“If you are in the area and you are interested in architecture or libraries, this is worth a detour. Easy to get there on the metro from central Rotterdam, and then a short walk across the small town centre. It literally is a book mountain, as the name suggests, built inside a glass pyramid. Interesting mixture of modern architecture with very traditional aspects, such as the tables and chairs and shelves and the little rooms created for small discussions – all of which could be in a traditional library. So much light in the building and a sense of fun. Very friendly staff allowed us to wander round and admire. In the older part of Spijkenisse, which has some delightful vernacular buildings, to contrast with the more modern part of town. The whole place is interesting from a town planning point of view.” – John.

Angelique (November 2015) is from Spijkenisse herself and very enthusiastic about the library. Just like Carola (March 2016).

An amazing place to be

“The Boekenberg is a place where you can be for hours. You can read your magazines and newspaper in a very cosy atmosphere, or visit one of the exhibits. You can also do research on one of the computers or get lost in a book in one of the alcoves available. Anything is possible here.” – Angelique

Beautiful and cosy

“A beautiful library, something you don’t expect in a city like Spijkenisse. They have great staff and I hear they are planning on opening a coffee corner. Going to the market on a Saturday and stopping by the library to read the newspaper and have a croissant. Sounds fun! Great attraction for Spijkenisse.” – Carola

Peter (July 2015) thinks the Boekenberg is a real asset for the city.

One of the best libraries around

“The Boekenberg has become a highlight in the city. Winy Maas has really outdone himself when it comes to the design for the Boekenberg. You have to have seen this at least once.” – Peter

Ruben from Spijkenisse (August 2016) visited the Boekenberg afterwards. He points out some positive and some negative aspects of the Boekenberg.

Daring design

“I visit the Boekenberg often and I love the building. A lot for natural lighting and the top floor gives you a beautiful view of the city. The glass does make it difficult to regulate the temperature. (…) The second floor now also contains a fun coffee corner.” – Ruben

Let it be clear: a public building can never cater to everyone’s wishes. One of the main points given is that the Boekenberg is very noticeable in its architecture. It’s impossible not to see it, and that was exactly the intention!