“I always visit for the books”

Who: Mari (58) from Spijkenisse
What: browse books, read and borrow books
When: every month

Mari wanders by the bookshelves of the Boekenberg with a stack of books in his arms. He feels right at home here. He moved to Spijkenisse from Brabant in 1999 and immediately joined the library. Mari: “I have always been an avid reader and been a member of a library since I was young, both in Brabant and in Antwerp when I lived there, and now here as well. The way I see it, it’s a piece of culture that you can enjoy without spending too much money.” He reads a little bit of everything: educational books, history and young adult novels. “I read it all, I’ve got very broad interests.”

Back to Berlin in the Boekenberg

Recently, Mari visited Berlin with his daughter. This was immediately reflected in his choice of books. “I want to revisit what I’ve seen there, read more about it and the city’s history.” He starts researching at home, on the website. “It’s fun to see what is available about a certain subject. What I didn’t know, but is a truly marvelous invention, is that you can actually reserve a book!” On every visit, he leaves with a stack of five books and most of the time, we see him again after three weeks.

Mari always visits for the books, but “I also enjoy the Milieu House exhibits.” He most enjoys browsing through the bookcases. Mari: “I read a lot about countries, populations and history. I know a lot about the Second World War. Right now, the First World War has sparked my interest, I don’t know much about that yet.” Thankfully, he can read a lot more with the endless mountain of books the Boekenberg has in store for him.