Enrich your mind in the Library!

The new Library claims to be a knowledge centre. Even though the shape of the building honours the book, visitors also find a centre of knowledge, relaxation and enlightenment. ‘Knowledge centre’ might sound somewhat abstract, but that is essentially what it is. The 2016 Library is a place for sharing knowledge. Mari, a loyal visitor of the Boekenberg, already described it perfectly: “I see the Library as a bit of culture you can enjoy without spending too much money.” He is an avid reader of everything. With just a small investment, he enriched his mind enormously. His membership is a true investment in himself! The same applies to entrepreneur Arthur, who organizes the Startup Academy at the Boekenberg, Gaby who works at the Boekenberg as a language coach and shares her knowledge, and Mercedita who, in turn, learns more about the Dutch language. Each one of them is enriched by the Boekenberg, in terms of knowledge and from a social point of view.

Reading and learning for everyone
Besides reading and borrowing books, you can also borrow e-books, music and audio-books at the Boekenberg. Enjoy the Bookstart for baby’s, the language coaching at the DigiTaalhuis Nissewaard or enjoy one of the computer courses or other events and activities. These additional activities really took off in the last few years. In the age of digital media, libraries really need to cater to the needs of the people. It’s even a re-sponsibility they have. The long term policy plan of the Boekenberg anticipates the current changes in the social domain. The Boekenberg aims to contribute to these changes. In general, the Library aims to transform to a broad public Library and wants to make the best possible use of the building. In addition, it seeks collaboration with others.

Increase in value
The time in which the Library was a matter of course, is over. The Library of the future is progressive instead of rigid and stiff. There is a strong emphasis on social value. That includes the Boekenberg as a place in the heart of Spijkenisse. The Library wants to contribute to the improvement of the selfreliance of the inhabitants, for example when it comes to digital skills. The Boekenberg offers a handhold to young and old, in all sorts of ways. Also, there is a great emphasis on the improvement of language. After all, it is the basis for participation in society! In addition, low literacy and illiteracy are high on the agenda, as is the promotion of personal development and knowledge in the broadest sense of the word. Without exception, all services at the Boekenberg are focused on development, discovery, encounters and relaxation. More than ever, Library the Boekenberg wants its social returns to be visible and measurable. Below, you can read about a number of recurring activities at the Boekenberg, and the enrichment they bring all sorts of visitors.

Website building for kids
The Boekenberg offers a special website building workshop, ‘CoderDojo’, for kids aged 7 to 17. They learn to program using codes like HTML/CSS, Javascript, Scratch and more, all for free. Why? Nowadays, everyone and anyone has their own website. This makes it even easier if you know how to make one yourself! The workshop highlights the basics of website building. In addition, kids discover what subjects have their interest. Regardless of the level, the development of these typical 21st Century Skills pre-pares youngsters for the (near) future!

Adults get legal and tax advice
Legal and tax affairs feel like a necessary evil at most times, especially after the daily chores. The Boekenberg especially wants to share everyday knowledge with its visitors in the most easy, simple and fast way as possible. That’s why various consultation hours are organised, to help you with these things. The foundation Belastingwinkel Rijnmond helps with your tax returns, for example. The Rechtswinkel Nissewaard gives impartial and independent legal advice for a small fee. Do you keep procrastinating when it comes to your tax returns or do you have other questions about it? Come by and ask your questions. These consultation hours are here for you!

New citizen learn about the Netherlands
The Dutch population has grown tremendously since 2015, mainly because of migra-tion. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, this will keep going for a while longer. In 2016, a total of 240.000 migrants were expected to enter the country, of which 70.000 asylum migrants. Especially this group will be looking for information about the Dutch customs, but it is not always available to them. Language is the barrier here. Every month, the DigiTaalhuis organizes a ‘question hour’, where volunteers answer questions about integration laws and regulation. In addition, volunteers are trained to work as ‘language buddies’. Together with various partners, Library the Boekenberg aims to offer a central place where people with a language deficiency are actually helped. There is an obvious need for: these question hours are always busy.